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Dear Teltonika Community,

    I cannot find a way to have Teltonika AVLs to report in real time.

    I have the MIN SAVED RECORDS parameter set to "1", in every DataAcquisitionMode (Home, Unknown, Roaming), but records get to my server in groups of 5 or 10, sometimes more.

    This generates a lag in the data seen by my clients, sometimes of 5 or 10 minutes, even more.

Is it possible to configure this devices so that every record captured by the AVL is sent to my server right away?

Note: There is perfect GSM coverage though the whole city and country, this is not a connectivity issue.

Devices: FM1100, FMA120, FMB010, FMB120, FMB920. Will be working soon with the FMB130.

Thanks in advance,


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Please take a look at this page:

Min Period is for how often device generates a record.

Min Saved Records define how many records are required to be in 1 data packet before it can be sent to the server.

Send Period defines how often data gets sent to the server.

So make sure that values of these settings are as low as possible.

If that does not help, would you mind sending a log of one of these devices so that I could look up what is going on on the device and find the reason for the delay?

Thank You.

Best Regards

Thanks for your response.

I think you mention two parallel things: one is how often a record is created or captured, and the other is when those records are sent to my server.

What I need is for records to be sent when they are captured. I need them not to be "grouped".

With the capturing part I never had trouble. That works fine. If I set to 5 minutes, they are captured every 5 minutes. The speed delta, min distance, angle of turn, all those work fine and generate the records correctly.

The one that does not work is the MIN SAVED RECORDS.

Hope I made myself clear this time.

Thanks again,

If You wish that records are sent to the server as soon as they are generated and are not packed together, Min saved records has to be 1, Send period has to be also 1, Min period according to Your needs as this defines time interval to generate a record if no other condition was met.

Best Regards.

Hi, thanks for your anwser. Send period is set to 1.

Here is my configuration for vehicle moving (home, roaming, and unknown):

Min period 60 sec
Min distance 500 m
Min angle 30 deg
Min speed delta 10 km/h
Min speed source GPS
Min saved records 1
Send period 1

Yet some, or most, records get to the server grouped. I do not know what else to do.

Thanks again.