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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I'm currently using a FMC001 and its working like a charm but I was wondering if it is possible to send a incoming message as an event to the server?

Also I was wondering if it is possible to set a custom i/o variable of which I can set and get the value over bluetooth. I want the driver to be able to set what kind of trip they are making (is it private, business billable or just business).

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by anonymous

There is no I/O element that would indicate when device receives a message so no event can be configured based on that.

As for your other idea, could you please elaborate?

I/O elements is data that device receives, and they are not permanent values that once set remain in place unless changed. They are changing according to what device receives, so if device stops receiving any value it goes back to default value, which could be just an empty value.

Please explain it in more detail how do you imagine full solution.

Thank you.

Best Regards
by anonymous
I would like to build a app for a driver that can connect with the FMC001, the driver can then set what kind of trip(s) they are making. I would like to have this setting (value) send with every record. On the server side we automaticly create reports based on what was set on this. If it is not possible to set a permanent value, would it be possible to trigger a event that sends this value just once when set?
by anonymous

Please see here:

Take a look at Data Link mode.If FMC device has a link with a server, a message encoded by Codec12 can be sent directly to the server via Bluetooth SPP profile. So like this you should be able to encode custom messages from a phone to a server using FMC device as an intermediary.

Best Regards
by anonymous

Thanks I'm going to look into Datamode.

Thank you