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I have Teltonika devices FMB001, FMB920 and FMT100 with the latest firmware installed 03.25.15.Rev.32 that is supposed to have Auto APN Feature.

My requirement is to have fully Plug and Play process without the need to have physical access to the devices and hook each device to the configurator at any time.

I imagine things as so:

1. After the device is powered up for the first time by the end customer, the APN is auto-loaded from the database and the device comes on-line.

2. Once online, then connects to the FOTA WEB (as per default factory config) and loads the custom config that contains my AVL server address and the device is now visible by the customer on the Platform.

It is a brilliant idea but I can't get it to work. And have two questions.

Q1: Does the device connect to FOTA immediately after it comes online, or after 12 hours as per default config?

Q2: How to update the APN Database without the need to physically hook the devices?

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You should find all the information you require here:

As of now it is required to connect device physically to upload APN file. If you wish expand Auto APN list please contact your sales manager.

If there are more question, please ask.

Best Regards