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i have build a custom server. i have multiple teltonika devices connected to it. one FMB001 device kept sending its imei. the server has replied 01   . here are my logs. is there anything that i misssed? is the simcard is broken ? or do i need to update the device firmware ?



[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] Mode: 4/Unknown on Stop. Period: 30. Starting periodic data sending

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] Caller: 1337, queueing recsend1 task job type: 0/records

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0193] Server: 0, finished => check rec no

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] check rec no

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.GEN] Server: 0, not all min records send: 1/1

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[CODEC.APP] Rec found at 0x00000000, sort:1

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] Have enough records to send!

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0294] Server: 0, check rec no => check gprs

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] check gprs

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] gprs is open

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] gprs settings the same -> check link

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0334] Server: 0, check gprs => check link

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] check link

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] link is closed, try to open

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] server response tmo cnt:145 of MAX 5

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0469] Target:0 Events Cleared

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0469] IP format x.y.z.q detected, resolving not needed

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] Target IP:xxxxx (valid:1)

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0469] Socket target: 0, attempt: 1/3

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] Connecting to xxxx@TCP

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0469] Waiting for create conn result, waiting: 160 sec

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] connection established! acc id: 52, socket id: 4, evt sending: enabled

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] VR socket 0 open! real socket id: 4

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] link timeout reset for server: 0

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] launching link monitoring

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[SCH] Task eM2M_Tid_link_tmo_checking[11] has been scheduled. Period: 1s

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0535] Server: 0, check link => send imei

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] send imei

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] attempting to send data by socked id: 4, data len: 17

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] [SEND.DATA.0576] Waiting for socket send result, waiting: 10 sec

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[NETWORK] data send to socket: 4, successfull! evt sending: enabled, VR socket: 0

[2020.08.24 15:17:27]-[REC.SEND.1] imei send OK, waiting 60 sec for imei answer

[2020.08.24 15:17:28]-[UNPLUG] State:Unplugged, Ext.power:0, AXL:1

[2020.08.24 15:17:28]-[TOWING] Activation TMO:16

[2020.08.24 15:17:29]-[REC.SEND.1] Mode: 4/Unknown on Stop. Time for next periodic data sending: 2 / 30

[2020.08.24 15:17:31]-[SLEEP] WARNING @ 241:Sleep:2, not allowed! Reason:Sleep TMO not reached 86113[86400]

[2020.08.24 15:17:31]-[WD.FUNC] WARNING @ 172:counter:2 Cnt:10601 Limit:10800

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Please provide a full log of the device when it tries to send a record to your server.

Best Regards.
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by anonymous

Could you upload the full log to wetransfer ( I can take a look.

Best regards