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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Dear Team

I have 2 devices with different rs232 data frames and both of them want to transmit through the rs232 / rs485 port on fm6300 device to the server. The data received on the server must arrive with the main gps data attached to the original frame broadcast (position, altitude, heading, speed).

Could you please help me with this? I have tried with the tcplink / ASCII mode, but the data received in the server does not come with the gps information of the moment when the rs232 / rs485 frame was entered from the external device to the rs232 port of the fm6300.

Is there any other way to get the fm6300 to add the gps header to the data coming to it from an external device through its rs232 / rs485 port?

We have been working with your devices for 2 years, which we consider very robust and reliable, and now we need to do an equipment update on a railway client that has an external device that transmits via rs232 (and that requires that this data arrive with position to the server) . And in another client we need to connect a barcode reader device by rs232 so that the information scanned by it is received with the gps position of the moment the reading was generated (the frame generated by the reader is very long: in RFID mode the received plot, arrived incomplete). In both cases, an fm6300 device was used.

Best Regard's

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send GPS data through the RS232/RS485. There is a possibility to add a "Timestamp" in RS232/RS485 modes, but not GPS data.

However, you can try to save information to buffer (TCP Link mode buffering setting in external devices tab) and send with records (when the link will be opened)

"In TCP ASCII/Binary mode a link with an external device using text messages can be established. Buffered modes save the information until link with the server is established and records are sent."

Talking about barcode reader, please use TCP link mode as well, not RFID mode.

Hope that helps.

Best regards.
Very Thank's!
by anonymous

Very Thank's!