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I want to test the data link mode on my FMB920. How can I test this?

Can I use Hercules TCP server to test? I don't know how use, because the FMB920 doesn't have the rs232 or 485 ports.

Can the device (FMB920) receive any message through the data link mode or do I have to send it in a specific format? I'm sending messages from my cell phone through bluetooth terminal.

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You could use Hercules in TCP Server mode but you need to have GPRS connection in your device enabled.

Configure GPRS APN settings and your server IP and port number:

external IP could be checked on web site

open hercules -> TCP server tab

enter configured port number, select "listen" button and check on if it is open:

if your port is not open you should forward it in your firewall or router.

If you have opened port then your device should start to send data to your server, you should see it in received data window, if you want to send data to device type it in Send window in HEX format. You could use command coding table to compose message: