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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Basically that's it. Teltonika FMBT application shows no data on its OBD Info page for FMB001. Of course, FMB001 is in the OBD socket and the auto is up and running.

What did I wrong way?

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by anonymous

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the question.

To check or OBD data is available from FM1000, please do the following:
Enable SMS sending in the device:

Send command obdinfo to the device.
SMS would be:"<login> <password> obdinfo" == "  obdinfo" if did not set any SMS login/pasw on your device.

Response example: Protocol:6,VIN:WVWZZZAUZFW125650,TM:0,CNT:11,ST:PROTOCOL DETECTION,P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0,Fuel:OFF,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID0
Protocol:6 – specifies car supported protocol
VIN:WVWZZZAUZFW125650 -specifies car vin number
ST:PROTOCOLDETECTION- specifies OBD application state
P1:0x98180001,P2:0x1,P3:0xE0800020,P4:0x0 - specifies available vehicle PIDs. These values specifies available parameters in car. If all pids values 0 (P1:0x0,P2:0x0,P3:0x0,P4:0x0), it means that OBD parameters is not readable.
MIL:0 - mil status, indicates state of the led(0- OFF, 1-ON)

DTC:0 - number of errors

According to obdinfo response you can check available OBD parameters via OBD Pid Reader. OBD reader can be found here:
If you find it difficult you can send the SMS response to me (PM) and I will help you to check the available OBD parameters.
You can find more SMS commands at:

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Alternatively, upvote the answer if it provided a solution to your question.

Stay awesome and have a great day. :)

Best regards,


Best answer
by anonymous
Please send command to device:
log2sdfilterset 4;1
Can send via serial/sms/gprs.

After that - please repeat the situation where device is in the vehicle, and vehicle is say driving - i.e. when OBD data should be provided, but isnt.
During all this testing time - device will be collecting OBD only log to its NAND/SD card.

After testing - download device DUMP via configurator. And upload all those dump files somewhere -> and provide link.
We will analyze what is the problem.

Also which FW version are you using?

by anonymous
Hello Vytenis,

I have no Configurator nor a serial connection.
I don't like SMS. I pretty much hate them. ;)
I look towards gprs and bt.
Can I change the settings and send the commands over bt?
I believe with your support I'll be able to deal with the log.

It's FMB001 and FMBT shows FW 01.03.13 Rev:0. Is it fresh enough? Shall I update it?
Do you think it's alright to have the patch version 13? ;)

Best regards,
by anonymous

You can send command via BT. Just have to ensure that at the end of the command \r or \r\n is appended.

Also id suggest updating FW - there is newer 03.18.15 version available:

user: FMB0XY
pass: GKLT5K9S

In any case - please provide logs AFTER configuring with command "log2sdfilterset 4;1"
and testing for awhile. Then we will be able to analyze what's happening in regard to OBD data reading on this vehicle.


by anonymous
What does it mean that my FMB001 has so pretty ancient FW version?
How can I know its HW version and the actual date of production?
How did it happen that I must update FW now?

Can I update FW without the Configurator?
Can I use FMBT for the purpose or how can I do FOTA?
I'm sorry I don't want to bother with Configurator.
In case I absolutely have to, where can I take the appropriate version from?
Uh. Sorry. :)
FMB.Ver.03.18.15.Rev.00 and configurator.7z
It's included.

Best regards
by anonymous

Now FW version is:
[2018.12.05 18:42:18]-[SYS.DIAG] Code Version:03.18.15 Code Rev:00

But I can't make the "  obdinfo" command to work whatever I use even after FW update.

00:19:45.217   obdinfo
00:19:45.249 [2018.12.05 21:19:44]-[CMD.DEBUG] Command not found! From:3 (  obdinfo) 

Now I know HW version:
HW ver: FMB001 HW mod: 6
What does the number 6 mean?

Best regards

by anonymous
do you add \r\n to the end of command ? i think not. Please add, otherwise FW can not determine the end of command so it does not begin parsing this "obdinfo".

Also sending command via bluetooth you dont need to add two spaces. Unless you were sending this command via sms? but i think you werent.

MOD 6 - meaning 6th modification of FMB0 family devices.

In total FMB0 family has 13 modifications according to latest version. This info is not really relevant for you much.

Example differences between MOD5 -> MOD6:

MOD5 is FMB hardware without OBD reading chip. And MOD6 is with OBD reading chip.

by anonymous

It works over SMS only.
Finally I've got the following response for an SMS:

14:20:19.258 [2018.12.06 11:20:17]-[SMS.PRS] [SMS INBOX] GSM Number:********* | Text:{aaaaaa bbbbbb obdinfo
14:20:19.258 } 
[2018.12.06 11:20:17]-[SMS.PRS] Long Number detected! Comparing by 6 Digits
[2018.12.06 11:20:17]-[SMS.PRS] Camparing number: ******. Check len:6, num len:11 
[2018.12.06 11:20:17]-[SMS.API] SMS Send:(Prot:0,VIN:N/A,TM:30,
CNT:0,ST:PROT DETECT,P1:0x0,P2:0x0,P3:0x0,P4:0x0,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID1,Hdr:0,Phy:0)

The device wasn't in a OBD port. I'll try it in a car later.
I had to add the new line in SMS manually.

[2018.12.06 11:20:17]-[SMS.PRS] Camparing number: ******. Check len:6, num len:11 

It looks like a great deal for hackers. ;)

Now way over BT whatever I try:

14:28:47.552 obdinfo
14:28:47.975 [2018.12.06 11:28:46]‑[CMD.DEBUG] Command not found! From:3 (obdinfo) 

Best regards

by anonymous
"It works over SMS only." - Because commands sent via SMS/GPRS do not require endings \r or \r\n

But commands sent via serial/BT3 - require line endings!

You have to send command in binary mode via BT3 like this: 6f 62 64 69 6e 66 6f 0D

Then you will get cmd reception,execution -> response.

by anonymous

I was simply unable to send an SMS without a new line.

No way for BT.

by anonymous

Still by the means of SMS only but finally I've got this:
Prot:6,VIN:Z94CT************,TM:20,CNT:17,ST:DATA REQUESTING,P1:0xBE3EB81B,P2:0x8005A011,P3:0x7ED20400,P4:0x10000000,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID1,Hdr:7E8,Phy:1

OBD Info page:


Best regards

by anonymous

Ok. My bad.

I forgot that this obdinfo command is sms command.

So in order to execute it via BT3 you need to send such command:

@sms_dbg:  obdinfo\r

or in hex: 40 73 6d 73 5f 64 62 67 3a 20 20 6f 62 64 69 6e 66 6f 0d

Ive created this command presuming you dont have any sms_login, sms_pass configured on your device.

Now i cant see your image for some reason.

According to your pid information: [P1:0xBE3EB81B,P2:0x8005A011,P3:0x7ED20400,P4:0x10000000,MIL:0,DTC:0,ID1,Hdr:7E8,Phy:1]
Your vehicle does support OBD data reading, and FMB0 device can read pids available from vehicle. So it should be able to request those pids data aswell.

Maybe you have them (IO elements) configured wrong? So you dont get them to server?

What device configuration are you using?

What server are you using? your own or some 3rd party?


by anonymous
The device configuration is pretty much close to default. :)
Reading OBD is OK, apparently after updating FW.
Now the FMB is out of reach of BT.
Can I make it log over GPRS (udp)?
I find 3rd party platforms inconvenient.
It's my own server and it's still in its infancy. :)
How can I get OBD data in AVL records? For example.
Did you mean IO elements of AVL records?

Thank you for sharing all the technical details!
Best regards