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in Vehicle tracking by
any body can explain this?

Eventual I/O elements (254) (

254 Green Driving Value -- Depending on green driving type: if harsh acceleration or braking – g*100 (value 123 -> 1.23g).

If Green driving source is "GPS" – harsh cornering value is rad/s*100. If source is "Accelerometer" – g*100.

I use Accelerometer as the source and I receive:

      "alarm": "hardAcceleration",

      "io254": 31


     "alarm": "hardCornering",

     "io254": 60,

what is unit value of io254? .. do I need to multiply them to be human readable value?

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In multiplier column you can see number you need to multiple with value you get from a device. So for IO 254 you need to multiple it by 0,01 to get actual value in g if source is Accelerometer

So your values 31 and 60 are 0.31g and 0,6g respectively.

If you have anymore questions please ask.

Best Regards.
Well noted and thanks

Why teltonika fmb920 sends alarm hardbrake eventhough the io254 value still below defined value?


“alarm": "hardBrake",
      "io254": 31

defined max braking is: 2.7

This means: 0.31 < 2.7

You need to multiply 0.31 g with 9.8 m/s2 to convert into m/s2 and now its 3.04 m/s2 which is above your set limit of 2.7 m/s2.