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I'd like to ask about DUAL SIM. Does FMC640 at first switches between HOME SIM1 and HOME SIM2 and then tries connect to roaming?

Two cards 26001(roaming is off) and 25501(roaming is on without GPRS or with GPRS but I can not off at all roaming). How should be configure FMC640 to SIM1 connect only with 26001 and SIM2 connect only with 25501?

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Input this operator 25501 in you SIM2 Roaming/Home operator list and black list all the operators that you do not wish to connect.

Here you can look up operators by their country codes

First 3 numbers are mobile country code, so if you wish to connect only to 25501 and block others, put all operators with this country code that are not 25501 in a black list

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