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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I am currently evaluating both FMB920 and FMM130 (among other tracker manufacturers) to be used in Wialon's EcoDriving App. I have been running tests on both units to compare data consistency and have experienced very different data between both trackers...I get 4 times more "EcoDriving Violations" from the FMM130 vs de FMB920. I need support/recommendations on how to improve data consistency between both units. Here's the config I have been using on both trackers:

Firmware Versions:

  • FMB920: 03.25.15Rev02
  • FMM130: 03.25.10 Rev175

Accelerometer Calibration:

Set to "Continuous"....I cannot set the tracker's calibration to "once" and follow the calibration process specified in the manual "auto_calibration:set, accelerate vehicle from 0 to > 30km/hr, etc ,etc" since I can't ask current or future customers to follow this procedure on a >100 vehicle fleet. Instead, I have been configuring both trackers with "Continuous calibration" + sent the "auto_calibrate:set" instruction to both trackers and confirmed via "auto_calibrate:status".

EcoDriving Settings: Both trackers configured the same

  • Scenario Settings: High Priority
  • Max Acceleration: 2.00 m/s2
  • Max Braking: 2.00 m/s2
  • Max Cornering: 3.00 m/s2
  • I have reviewed the event log within Wialon and can confirm both trackers are sending all EcoDriving events that I'm looking for....I am receiving G force data a little bit below what I have specified in the EcoDriving Criteria within Wialon... Let's say I set Wialon's Criteria with a minimum of .35Gs before classifying it as Harsh Braking, I can confirm through Wialon's event list that I am receiving G force events of .31Gs so this seems to be workingok.

Source for EcoDriving:

  • Both trackers set to Accelerometer (not the GPS)

Physical Installation:

  • I have read the manual for both trackers and there are no clear instructions/recommendations on how to physically install the trackers to improve EcoDriving data consistency so I installed both units in the same position inside the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Who can I contact from Teltonika to receive tech support regarding this matter? I have more data I can provide to determine why the difference between both trackers.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for your question.

contact your sales manager. If you don't have any contacts with our Sale managers, please contact with them on our official
and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.
Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics".
Or you can send an e-mail with description of your situation to

When you contact with us please provide as detailed description of your question as possible.

Thank you.

Best Regards