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I am using an All-Can300 and a FMB120 to read the data of a Fiat Toro. However, when I connect to the configurator in the "Can Adapter" tab I only get in green the program number, Module ID and Security state Flags. What could be the reasons for this? Also, when I change the program number in the configurator (right top corner) and choose "Save to device", the value of the program number parameter doesnt change as in the installation video, so I have to change the All-Can program number manually, why is this?

I appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.

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To receive connection scheme with appropriate program number please
contact your sales manager.
If you don't have any contacts with our Sale managers, please contact with them on our official
and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.
Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics".
Or you can send an e-mail with description of your situation to

In description please provide as detailed information about your car as possible, car model, production year, VIN number.

Thank you.

Best Regards