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I have several FMB120 and FMA120 devices installed in transport vehicles. All devices work correctly on the Gurtam platform. Today I tried to send sms commands to disable digital output 1 and 2 (OUT1 and OUT2), the device accepted and executed the command correctly (setdigitout 11), but the device does not send a response, I also tried other commands but in none I get a response. the FW version in FMB  is 03.25.15.Rev.01 and FMA is 01.28.38.Rev.00. The device has no password, I send two spaces before the command. The problem is then that both devices does receive the commands and executes them but does not send a confirmation response to the number from which the command is sent.I hope someone can help me!

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Thanks for your question.

Could you please verify if your sim card installed in the device supports outgoing sms.

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Teltonika support

Hello!. Thanks for answering. The simcards can send SMS messages. I have also tested the sim on a feature phone and I can send and receive SMS correctly. The problem is in all my FMB120 and FMA120 devices. I updated to 03.25.15.REV.32 on FMB120 and the problem continues. I have observed that in the "gsm info" tab it shows the received SMS and it also shows the sent SMS, however, the SMS with the answer does not arrive.


I have the same problem. I hope Teltonika has a solution. frown

Any solution?
I have the same problem i'm from México. I use Telcel. Any Solution?
If SMS count in the configurator shows received / sent messages. The device sends them.

Please try to verify this situation on the part of your operator.

Best Regards