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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Hi Guys and Support,

Kindly help me with beacon list for immobilizer.
I have done a setting for my FMB125 with beacon ble.

And it works well, the ID is read and sent to my server

I also set the beacon ID list for purpose of immobilizer

But then, the DO1 is not affectred whenever the beacon ID is detected.

Kindly suggest me.

thank you

anyone can help me ?
by anonymous

Try setting beacon detection to "Configured", because immobilizer scenario checks configured list and now detection is set to ALL.

Also check if DIN1 is connected properly, because immobilizer scenario checks for ignition and if it sees attempt to turn on Ignition it turns on DOUT to prevent it and beacon  that is authorized is used to Turn that DOUT off to allow ignition.

Best Regards

3 Answers

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by anonymous

I didn't use the beacon yet, still let me ask

This device is installed in the vehicle or in the test bench ?

Remember the DOUT will give you negative voltage only, If you want to measure the voltage of DOUT, put one probe in positive of power supply and the other probe in DOUT.

Can you please share the device log and configuration file ?

Thanks in advance

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by anonymous
Same problem, I have a FMB920. You solved?
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by anonymous

This is exactly how this scenario works.

Remember to set the working range of your Beacon in the Device Meanager Mobile application.

This is an important parameter for activating this scenario.

If the device detects a Beacon before activating DIN1, you can start the vehicle.

If you activate DIN1 earlier than the device detects your Beacon, you will need to bring it closer to the device to change the DOUT status through authorization and start the vehicle.

Teltonika Support
by anonymous
The "working range" in the Device Manager Mobile application is the TAG POWER? My TAG POWER is set to 4. it's correct?

I read this guide and followed to enable the Blue Coin ID.

where can I find a guide step by step for the immobilizer configuration with the BLUE COIN ID?