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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
We have multiple drivers using the same car/s. At the end of the day we want a report for the drivers trucks based on their ibutton key.
point 1.when the ignition goes on (car starts) the buzzer goes on until the driver insert his/her ibutton key on the reader and the buzzer stops.
point 2.when the ignition goes off (car stops) for more than 3 minutes, and the ignition goes on again the same thing happens as on point 1.

Is the above a possible solution? Please help
by anonymous

If we need to install Buzzer, Driver ID with relay Authorization, then how can we solve this matter? Can you please explain to us.

(FMC130 device using)

by anonymous 1 flag
Hi Shehanbw.

You can connect try to test to connect the relay and buzzer on the same DOUT if you want to use the same scenario.

In this case, once the ignition is started, the immobilizer will be activated. The RELAY will lock the vehicle and the BUZZER will start to ring, once you tap the Driver ID the immobilizer will deactivate. The vehicle will be unlocked and the BUZZER will stop.

Best Regards,

Maynard C.

1 Answer

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It is possible. You need to use Immobilizer scenario.

1. Set ignition source to DIN1.

2. Connect buzzer to DOUT interface (DOUT1 for example).

3. Input authorised iButton IDs in a configurator.

4. Configure scenario.

In this case everything should work like this.

Driver turns on Ignition and configured DOUT turns on, if buzzer is connected then a buzzer turns on, if driver uses authorized iButton configured DOUT turns off, in case of a buzzer it would turn off. After ignition turns off and 180 seconds (3 minutes) passes authorization is needed again to turn off a buzzer.

Best Regards.