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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous


Please help me figure out which multiplier to use for decoding BLE temperature value from AVLs 25-28. For FMB130, FMB120, FMB920 and FMB204.

On this page multiplier is 0.01 (And there, it seems, the minimum value is incorrectly specified as -400. It should be -4000.) On this page multiplier is 0.1 (but this is not a FMB-series). And I have a file "FMB_AVL_IDS_Rev13.xls" where multiplier also 0.1.

In practice, different values ​​come for different devices, for which different factors are needed: 1, 0.1 or 0.01 (In an "Advanced Mode" of Bluetooth 4.0 settings in configuration multipliers specified to 1).

Does the multiplier depend on the firmware version or sensor model? Or can it not be?

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by anonymous

Hello neo98,

Thank you for your notes and questions.

In general, if the BLE sensor is not custom, there is a possibility to choose a multiplier of some BLE sensor types like temperature, temperature and humidity, and more. When you are choosing preset in "Advanced Mode" of Bluetooth 4.0 settings, for example, temperature sensor, you can choose "ELA T" (multiplier is 1) or "ELA T x0.01" (multiplier is 0.01). These options don't depend on the firmware version, device, or sensor.

Hope this information was useful.

Please feel free to ask if you will have more questions.

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support

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by anonymous
Thanks! Now it is clear.