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How to use the geofence speeding scenario to enable digital out? For example, to set a speed limit in the geofence of 5 km / h and control the digital out when entering the geofence?

Sending commands via GPRS is not suitable, the mobile network is weak, sometimes teams do not reach

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by anonymous

Unfortunately the Geofence feature does not trigger any DOUT.

With the Geofence function, you can be notified via server or SMS when a device enters, leaves or stays in a certain area.

Using Manual Geofence you can configure the maximum speed allowed within that area and be notified via SMS.

You can find more information about the Geofence functions (Auto and Manual) at the links below:

Hope it helped.

Best regards.
by anonymous
Hello Sultan,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, for DOUT activation, the solution would be to send the GPRS command via server or SMS command via modem / phone. This is because that in Manual geofence, Overspeeding doesn't have an additional option to activate DOUT when it's detected.

Sorry of any inconvenience.

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Teltonika Support