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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
I'm trying to setup beacons to report temperatures but without preconfiguration. I'm testing with an FMB204. I have some Blue Puck-T's here and also a Moko M4 beacon. I can configure them all fine under the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Connectionless Functionalities section and get their readings, but different beacons will be in range of the tracker at different times (think beacons in chiller trailers, but with a different trailer used by each truck every day).

I can see the M4 if I configure it to iBeacon mode on the Status tab under the Beacon List table, but no temperature or battery life are shown, just the beacon ID. Same thing in Eddystone mode.

Any ideas how I can configure the tracker to report any beacons in range without preconfiguration?


1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Nick,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, but for now, our devices don't support data of battery level and temperature. As an alternative, to detect device temperature, you can use BLE temperature sensor near your Beacon. Its value will less current but it could let you monitor the temperature.

Sorry of any inconveniences.

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support