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Dear team

As we know that FMB640 has records to lcd mode to RS232 connected lcd, but it only sends text.

Our requirement:

We need to connect lcd with the device to show tracking on map as well as speed and some other basic parameter (perhaps the same parameters which are selected to be sent to server)

1. Is there any firmware available which connects to RS232 lcd, shows map and these parameters?

2. Or if you can refer any such lcd on which we can do the customization by getting text from the fmb640(records to lcd mode)

3. Does this feature can be achieved via Garmin?

Please share appropriate and cost effective solution.


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It can be achieved with Garmin. Garmin is the only partner which protocols are already implemented to use in FMB640. We guarantee communication with LCD and server. Protocol should be available from any of manufacturer of LCD (How to communicate with it) then you will be able to send data which you need to show on LCD screen. 

If you have more questions/or want to do an research for your project you can try contacting your sales manager.

More information can be found about RS232 modes and Garmin protocols in our wiki:


Teltonika Support.