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Hi, we have a use case where we need to track bypassing beacons with stationary gateway. We are evaluating use of FMB series device as gateway. We have test setup with FMB120 with FW 3.25.15 Rev:01 and few beacons (300-400ms interval). We found to problem that sometimes bypassing beacons are not detected at all by the device, if i leave beacon near the device it will have as much as 20-40% of packets with 0 beacons (using Eventual mode).

Here's our config:

Data Aquisition:

 Min Saved Records: 1, Send period 1 (for both on stop and moving)


 Bt Radio: Enable(hidden), everything else: None

Bluetooth 4.0:

 Non Stop scan: Disable (when enabled, did not receive any beacon packets to cloud), BLE Scan duration: 30s (did not have effect no matter what value was setup)

Beacon list:

 Beacon detection: All,

 Beacon Record: Eventual (this should create records after each scan, will create records after 30 seconsd always). Provides best results.

 Beacon Record: Periodic (with values < 30 secs will result quite a lot of 0-beacon packets, values over 30 secs its slightly better)

For tests what we have done, it seems that immediately after packet is received to cloud, device is having 10-20 seconds break in scanning, and if we turn on beacon for 10 seconds at that point, it is not discovered by the device.

Can anyone explain me that if this kind of usecase is possible with FMB devices or do i have something wrong in the configurations.

Thank you for you replies

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by anonymous
Hello M,

Thank you for your question.

Could you please say, is "Update Frequency" value is set as 30 sec? It is not, please try to set the mentioned value and let us know if behavior changed.

Looking forward to your answer.

Best regards,

Teltonika Support