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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I am using the FM3612.

I configured a socket to make my own server. I print the message than the FM3612 send in the first step and the message was not like the

AVL protocol AVL packet

I was waiting for a message similar to this 000F313233343536373839303132333435 but I receive the IMEI in decimal


by anonymous

Okay I checked my linux terminal was interpreting the packet like ascii.

Now the FM3612 received the accept imei from server Imei Accepted

1 Answer

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by anonymous
> I receive the IMEI in decimal. WHY

000F313233343536373839303132333435 actually contains IMEI.

What tool/servers are you using ? Probably it extracts IMEI from messages and prints you readable value.
by anonymous

Yes I know the format 000F313233343536373839303132333435 have the IMEI. I have a tool/library to decode. I check this manually in my virtual machine.
The problem is: Now is the first time I connect the FM3612 to a server

My server is in this moment a debug server. I only try to check if FM3612 is doing the protocol AVL, but it didn't 

My server is simply a php socket. I receive the first message and I print the data. SO here I got only the IMEI and no the encoded IMEI like 000F....etc
Then I send the "01" and the FM3612 close the connection. After it try again, and so on 
This is why I think FM3612 is not doing the AVL protocol. 
This is a debug server and client


Help please