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I need support on FMB125 SIM2 settings to have it working in 2 countries.

I have FMB125 with 2 Sim cards (one for each country).

SIM1 is working normally in country 1, but when vehicule is country 2 , we lose connection and device is not able to send data.

When sending getstatus command, device answers as follow :

Data Link:0 GPRS:0 Phone:0 SIM:0 OP:61002 Signal:4 NewSMS:0 Roaming:1 etc...

For reference : 61002 is Operator code for SIM2.

Each SIM is set with correct Operator and  APN.

It seems that device is not in local mode with this Operator.

We have many FMB125 devices planned to work in this contexte.

Please, can somebody help to setup and have device working properly.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind Regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Mamadou,

Thank you for your detailed inquiry. It was useful for us.

In this case, you will need to add 61002 operator code into the "SIM2 Roaming/Home Operator List" because SIM2 doesn't detect home operator automatically like SIM1. "SIM2 Roaming/Home Operator List" you can find on Teltonika Configurator --> GSM Operators.

Detail information about this setting and how it works you can find here.

Please feel free to ask us if something will be unclear or you will have any questions.

Stay safe,

Teltonika Support