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in Vehicle tracking by
Dear Sir / Madam,

I recently bought the Teltonika FMC130. However, I am looking for the jamming detection function. I cannot find it in the configuration. According to the specifications stated on your website, the FMC130 should support this feature. Can you let me know where I can find it? Thank you in advance, best regards, Lambert van den Munckhof
Dear Lambert,

I have the same problem, were you lucky to find a solution from Teltonika support ??

thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello Lambert and Anonymous,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, but our FMC and FMM devices don't support the Jamming Detection feature because of Quectel module. This information is also fixed on our website to not take incorrect information for our clients.

Our apologies of any inconveniences.

Stay safe,

Teltonika Support
Teltonika team,

This is a serious problem, the truth is that I acquired these gps devices because they contacted the jamming detection option, in my case I live in Mexico and the main problem we have is that the people who are dedicated to theft trucks have signal blocking devices, which by blocking the signal we could no longer use any gps function.

Do you think they can help us by enabling this option in a new firmware, or will it definitely not be able to?

I am on hold.

best regards
by anonymous

Can anyone confirm if any of the LTE trackers offered by Teltonika have jamming detection capability? I´ve read some of the documentation but is a bit confusing. Spec sheet for the FMM640 does not specify jamming detection capability but the manual does include jamming detection config.

I also want to know if this feature (jamming detection) will be added in the next firmware!

by anonymous

I believe you are incorrect that your website has been updated to inform your customer that jamming is not a function on the FMC130 because here under special features it specifically mentions; 

  • Jamming detection;

Also here the second paragraph plainly states;

keeps all of the functionalities from FMB130

which of course features Jamming Detection so this seems to contradict your statement above.

In addition in the FMC130 Quick Manual v1.3 here under Features/Scenarios the 3rd item clearly states Jamming Detection.

There may be more but I'm just sayin' wink

I too find it difficult to believe a newer device advertised as developed on the existing FMB130 and building on top misses such a glaring feature. I am guessing if there was going to be a firmware update to enable the Quectel module to support Jamming Detection it would have been released by now so I'm not holding my breath...FMC230 maybe?


Thanks & kind regards,