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how to get io and obd info from bluetooth command line

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You can get I/O and OBD elements info with Bluetooth Serial Terminal.
More information about it you can find in 'Teltonika' wiki base (Link below):

To start Log you will have to pair your device with you phone.

Configurator > General > BT Radio should be set to Enable (Visible).

**Pairing your FMB device with the mobile phone.

Configurator > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Control > Discover > Find your device and click Pair.

**After successful pairing of FMB and your device edit some options:

Configurator > Bluetooth > Auto Connect To External Device menu section > Pick connection mode > Type External MAC and Name of the device you have paired your FMB device with, also Password if your device have one set.

Also you can add your device MAC address to your FMB configurator > Bluetooth > Authorized devices MAC list.

After successfully configuring your device with mobile phone. Connect your phone to your FMB device.

To understand more about configuring you BT settings visit our wiki base (Link below):

Commands for getting parameters using Terminal:
To get info - command: .info
To get modem status - command: .modem

Type .log:1 in your serial terminal and after the log starts type command: .rec to generate high priority record.
@gps_pgps will get all GPS data for you.

To be able to understand which I/O element you get info about,  you can find AVL ID list in here:

If you want to use more friendly interface, you can use our FMBT mobile app (Link below).

You can get it from google play store:

You will be able to see all parameters live from your device using bluetooth.

Best regards,
Teltonika Support.
by anonymous


you wrote:

Type .log:1 in your serial terminal and after the log starts type command: .rec to generate high priority record.
@gps_pgps will get all GPS data for you.

since it would be generate records continously, is there any way to temporarily stop this and continue later?

by anonymous
.rec does not SAVE record it only PRINTS record info.

.srec - to save low prio rec

.shrec - to save hi prio rec
by anonymous
What about the command to control output?