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Hello Friends,

I got a new device FM3001 and trying to send message to Azure IoT hub and looking for some help in this regard

I saw a similar query here and its being closed with a post that we are evaluating MQTT support.

Please note Azure IoT supports MQTT,AMQP and HTTPS . Even we can write custom gateway in Azure IoT to support any other protocol. 

This post helped us to understand the protocol used by FM3 series devices and probably we can try finding some AVL parser and write a Azure IoT Gateway for it

The part which we are looking for help is authentication ie; how FM3001 device can get authenticated with Azure or some other server hosted in Azure.How do these devices get authenticated to the TCP servers where they send the data. is there any document which explains the authentication part.

Sorry just started checking and reading about teltonika few days back so apologies incase this is already being answered. 
Thanks a lot for the help in advance.


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You can find all the details about protocols here,

Thanks in advance 


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Hi Zainu, as an other user of the FM3001 I thought about connecting it to the Azure IOT Hub. However, what I found at the time is that the IOT hub only receives json or mqqt messages. This means before you can send the Teltonika device data to the server you will have to do some parsing yourself because the FM3001 only sends raw byte data and the IOT Hub does not know how to process that out of the box.

This means you will have to write your own parser and forward the received data as json to the Azure IOT Hub.