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Good morning,
we are your customers since 2013.

We bought a mix of FM1100 and FM1220.
We have changed our mobile operator from a local one ( Noitel ) to international one 1NCE.

We made the needed config changes by sending several configuration SMSs.
We configured APN, home operator and 3 identical profiles ( Home, Roaming and Unknown )  : log every  minute, send every 4 minutes.
The majority of our devices works well, but we have problems with some FM1100 that works in a unexpected beahviour.

If the device is on home operator network, it works well. If the network changes to another operator (different from the home one ) the device stop to send.
If we reconfigure the home operator to the new one, the device start again to send.
The profile configuration is the same as the other working devices.

We tested in house a more updated FM1100 and it seems that setting no operator in operators list ( setparam 1271 0,0,0,0,0,0 ) by SMS works well.
But we have old FM1100 ( fw 1.10.16 ) that doesnt like this configuration, and keeps to not work.

We saw that in a firmware update changelog is wrote a note about “SMS operator list configuration” fix, that seems to be like our configuration problem.
We are thinking about upgradaing remotley our FM1100, considering that the FM1100 with a newest firmware seems to works well with the sms configuration.

Time ago we have done this upgrade with FOTA to a list of FM4200.
How can we do it with FM1100 ?
For the fm4200 we gave you a list of imei of our devices, should we do the same again ?

If it's not possibile to upgrade our devices, how could we bypass the sms home operator problem ?
How could we clean the operator list, that our old FM1100 seems to not do ?

Thank you

The review is so clear about all the issues that you have faced and so is the response by the team. I was in a similar situation when I had trouble updating the GPS device which was from Garmin, but luckily I found this site and now all updating related issues are solved!

You can check this here at,Garmin Express Update

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Hello Fabio!

You can upgrade your device via FOTA, please contact your sales manager. Also include FM1100 IMEI list to make sure they are added to the list. If you do not have FOTA application please ask for sales manager as well.

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support.
Thank you for the answer,
How I can do, if I don't know who is my sales manager?
We bought it many years ago, directly from Teltonika

Thank you for your question.

Please contact with us on our official website

and click on "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill form and submit it.

Note: as topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics".

Best regards,

Teltonika Support