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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous


I am interfacing BLE COIN MOV with FMB920. All works well. But I have one important thing to ask.

When the BLE COIN MOV is given a motion, then it instantaneously changes its value on the nRF Connect app but it almost takes 2 minutes to update its value on FMB920 configurator.

Please assist me to solve this time delay in getting data.

By the way, my settings are for data acquisition are shown below.

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Data acquisition is for data sending to the server. Have you tried to reduce BLE scan duration time? If the settings are set to the minimum and you are getting delay that means it will act in this way. Stability of Bluetooth is always in development process. You can also use terminal.exe to check debugging logs, you will see exactly how much time it takes to detect mov movement indication change.

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support.

by anonymous
Thank you, i will try it by reducing the BLE Scan duration time to minimum. But from what are you saying, I understand that it is not possible to get BLE data within few second despite setting the advertising interval 1 second in BLE tag settings.

Can you help me understand why is it that the BLE data changes instantaneously on nRF Connect while the FMB920 takes time. Is it because of FMB920 weak BLE scan power. Or something like that?
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by anonymous


Just change the TZ-BT04/05/05B Update frequency to 30 seconds to acquire data after every 30 seconds on FMB920.