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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I am building a custom tcp server for communication with the fmb devices. I found information on how to implement it here: [ ] and everything seems to work with getting information.

The problem is that the device sends data every 2 minutes and every time I send a command in Codec12 it disconnects and reconnects.
I have configured the active datalink timeout to 259200 (maximum value)

Does anybody have any suggestions ?

3 Answers

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by anonymous
Hello kostasbraibox,

Thank you for your question.

Could you please add a screenshot of your Data Acquisition settings and Record settings from GPRS settings from your device configuration? Also, could you please say, which SMS coomands do you sent to your device?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Teltonika Support
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by anonymous
sure below a screenshot of the data acquisition and record settings from GPRS settings:

The commands are sent via TCP (Codec12) and not via SMS. I am currently trying with the getinfo and getgps commands.
When I tried with Hercules TCP Server the commands worked, but only immediately after the device sent data. If I try a command after a minute or so the device did not reply.

Thank you for the quick response
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by anonymous
just for anyone that might be interested:
I added a delay between the requests and a mechanism to hold the outgoing command when there is incoming data
and it seems that it is working now.