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I have a FMB204 on test. I plan to use this on a motorcycle, with the immobilizer function to interrupt the kill circuit, which isolates ignition and starter circuits (isolating only the starter is not effective on a motorcycle as it is easy to push start the bike without using the starter solenoid)

It has been sat on my bench today, with din1 high (to signify ignition on)

Device is configured with immobilizer to activate DOUT1, low priority, with iButton Checklist enabled. (Ibutton read and accepted)

A relay is connected via DOUT1.

Nothing else is configured to activate DOUT1

I have heard on 3 separate occasions today, the relay on DOUT1 toggling while DIN1 is high, which would in use potentially kill the engine. If this happened at speed, it could cause an accident. The device has not received any SMS today, nor has it had any DOUT1 control applied from interface by me today.

It does not coincide with the device going online/offline to server (data acquisition min period is 14400 on stop)

I have downloaded the logs. Is there any way to review them in a usable form to identify if anything has triggered has triggered DOUT1?

Is this any kind of intended behaviour?
any software available to view the log files, or anywhere to send them for review to identify what might be causing this issue??
yo tengo problemas para corte de motor de forma remota ya sea por gprs o sms de un teltonika fm3612 ,me podrian facilitar la configuracion correcta, estoy usando la plataforma gps server

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Thank you for your question.

Every time ignition status changes from 1 to 0  DOUT1 (or DOUT2 which is selected on Immobilizer settings) control restarts after set ignition of timeout passes.

It's not recommended for using DOUT1 control for kill circuit disconnection. Because of any failure occurs in power supply circuit, or device unexpectedly restarts, bike will stall and it's possible to loose control of motorcycle. It can cause very serious injuries or even death.

Please use recommended wiring diagram for connecting DOUT1 and using Immobilizer scenario.

According to your questions about the reading logs, this only possible for technical support engineers. If you have any doubts you can send the log files to your Teltonika sale manager, they will contact our technical support department for helping you to solve the problems.

If you have any questions about the special firmware development, please feel free to contact your Teltonika sales manager.

Have a nice day.