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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
FMB001 terminals lose connection with the CAN-bus, the engine speed readings on KIA Optima, Skoda Superb, Hyundai i40, Toyota Camry are lost. Indicators are read at different time intervals from 20 seconds to several minutes.
sleep mode is disabled

firmware ver 05.25.rev.00

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hello Alex_,

Thank you for your query.

About OBD parameters: we recommend to check what parameters can be read from vehicle using FMB001 device. How to do it you can find here:

Check if 0x0C PID is available for Engine RPM. If you are not receiving data please make sure that you  have enabled Engine RPM IO element to send data to server.

Parameter: 41060 for RPM data sending to server is enabled (set to Low). Following command can be sent:

<login><password>setparam 41060:1 

If there is no password set, leave two spaces in the beginning.<space><space>setparam 41060:1 

If OBD II IO elements (RPM,MAF etc.)are set to operand: Monitoring - data will be sent with each record depending on Data acquisition settings. Time intervals may differ because of Moving and Stop modes.  More information:

Please let us know if you will have more questions.

Best wishes,

Teltonika Support

by anonymous

I checked the settings in accordance with the instructions.
The terminal responds to a request from the obdinfo:

Prot: 6, VIN N/A,TM:20,CNT:0,ST:IDLE,P1:0xBE3EB81B, P2:0x8005A011, P3:0x7ED20400, P4:0x0, MIL:0, DTC:0, ID:3, Hdr:7E8, Phy:1

The terminal loses data from the CAS bus when driving, how to fix it? Car brand Hyundai Elantra.

Ignition source is Power voltage or Engine RPM. Low Voltage set 12900 mV