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I am finding if the device is in Online Deep Sleep, the On Stop events are being created as set by the Send Period but the GNSS is not activated to get an accurate location, the last location when GNSS went to sleep is sent.

This is also the case when using the On Demand function, unless DIN 1 is activated by the On Demand (which is also setup for Ignition) any of the other DIN's activated by the On Demand results in records with the last known GNSS location and not the current location - the GNSS is not activated again.

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 Conditions to enter online deep sleep mode are the same as entering deep sleep mode. FMM6YX exits online sleep mode if ONE of the following conditions is true:

  • Movement by an accelerometer or configured movement source is detected;
  • Ignition (configured ignition source) is turned on.
SO, it will send the last location before going to sleep unless and until if one of above condition is met.