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i want to know if i can track my FMB920 on my phone, that i am going to place on my car that my driver uses, and does the device require internet? if so how can i do it, i just got the device and a simcard with it, can i get a full detail on how i can use my device the proper way?

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Thank you for your question.
FMB920 is a tracking terminal with GNSS and GSM connectivity, which is able to collect device coordinates and transfer them via GSM network to a server.
You can send data from the device to any server.
Also more information about Teltonika Fleet Management supported platforms you can find in our wiki base (Link below):

1.  **For tracking on your mobile phone:
You can use FMBT mobile app on your android mobile phone to get information from your device using bluetooth (Link below).

Different server platforms use different applications.

Also you can use GPRS commands to get actual coordinates of your device:
SMS command ggps will show you your device current location, date time and speed, also provide you with Google Maps Link.
<SMS username><space><SMS password><Space>ggps
If you are not using any login and password just leave two <space> before the command.

More information about SMS commands you can find here (Link below):

2. Teltonika devices use SIM card  
Device need SIM card for GSM connectivity and to receive coordinates from satellites, also to send data to your server:
How to start your device you can find here (Link below):
This guide is made to show information for you how to start your device properly. You will need to use microSIM card from your country for a cheaper data consumption. 

Also you can visit Teltonika Youtube chanel, you will find guide here:

3. You will need to know is about how to configure your device. I will add another link of our wiki page (Link below):

More information about FMB920 you can find in our wiki base:

Best regards,