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I placed FMB001 device in my car for 24h/24h and with nominal mode (not sleep mode), so my power consumption is : 70 mA max (with GPRS), that's right ?

My question is :

My car battery is 70 Ah, so how many days the device can works with GPRS (and nominal mode) WITHOUT DRAINS MY CAR BATTERY ?

there is a calculation to count the number of days to determinate car battery life,

I'm worried about my battery, I want to be sure about that please,

I'm really happy with Teltonika devices and thank you for your help,


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Thank you for your question.

In this case you are right about the max power consumption in nominal mode. But average device power usage in nominal mode is 28 mA. But everything depends of the device settings, how often records made and sent to server and etc.

It's not possible to say how many days device can work without draining your vehicle battery. In theory it's possible to calculate, but in real world there can be very big difference so it's pointless to make these calculations. If you are using your vehicle every day and it's charging your battery device shouldn't drain your battery. If it's for example 50 Ah battery capacity to start the engine we can take the safe limit of 20 Ah for the device. In theory you should able to start your vehicle after about 8 days.

I would offer you to use sleep modes of device so it will expand the life of your vehicle battery.


Thank you for your answer,

Are you sure that average power usage in nominal mode is 28 mA ?

In device features there I can see 28 mA, but in User manual PDF (page 9) I can see 70 mA, so wich correct ? :(

My car battery capacity to start the engine is 60 Am, so also if I use GPRS every 30 secods I should  beable to start my vehicle after even after 10 days ?

I don't like sleep mode because GPS position don't have a good accuracy after activication (should wait 1 or 2 minutes te get the best precision).

I can't disable Device Power when I stop vehicle engine ?

I sent SMS "user pass setparam 101:4" to make Ignition settings only with Power voltage but device continue working even after stopping engine.

I also sent SMS "user pass setparam 110:1" Battery charge mode (0 = "On need" and 1 for "After ignition ON"). but same problem device continue working.

There is any solution to stop device working when I stop engine ? of course without sending SMS or GPRS command.

Thank you so much :)