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Hi, is it possible to get GPRS commands or template or any example for FMA120 and FMB001 trackers ? How to make them and how the template should look like.

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Thank you for providing information about your issue.

The SMS/GPRS command lists can be found in the manuals of the devices:



In order to send these commands via GPRS you have to use CODEC 12 format, to get more information and receive documentation on how it can be done, please contact Your sales manager.

Best regards.

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Can you provide an example how GPRS command should look like for turning DIGITAL OUTPUT ON and OFF.
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In depth info how to create proper codec12 packets:

Info on available codec12 commands @ FMB platform:

Tool to check/verify if your created codec12 packets are correct:

How it works:

Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

Basically you open this [server_main_00.47_test.exe] -> then write to console:

*setdigout 11

command for example. And this program will drop the [*] character - and create codec12 packet for you with data [setdigout 11]. Including correct CRC and header etc.

Program writes output to file: server_project_office.txt

which will be created where *.exe will be placed.