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The tracker FMB120 is sending only one record ( ignition  ) continuously. It can not  stop.

The acknowledgement 0x00000001 is sent by the server to the module but the problem persists.

I'm using  the default configuration. The  only change is that the ignition IO has high priority. The other IO ( movement..) have low priority.

I reseted the module several times but the problem persists.

The firmware installed is 3.25.05.rev.00.

Should i upgrad to the latest firmware version ?How can i resolve this issue ?

Best regards

3 Answers

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In your case,the device is sending 10 records.So from the server you should acknowledge with 10.

Remember if you are using Hexadecimal format for sending the data, 0A is 10 in Hex, You should respond with 0A from the server to the 10 numbers of records from the device.




Best answer


Thank you very match.

After setting the the param  GPRS > Records Setting > Reponse Timeout to 120 secondes, i can receive now all the records.

The response time tested with Hercules tools is very fast ( less than 5 s), but from the module it's take more than 30s (timeout). may be something is wrong.

Best regards



Could you confirm that the below configuration will not impact the module sending process ?

GPRS > Records Setting > Reponse Timeout to 120 secondes

Best regards 

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What is your ignition source ?

The acknowledgement from the sever is correct ? if not device will not delete the record and send it again.

Can you please post the log from the device (Terminal or Hyperterminal log)

Thanks in advance



Thank you.

The source of movement is Accelemoter.

Below the logs and dump :

1- Dump

2- Logs

Best regards

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Your server is responding correctly to the sending of device IMEI.

After getting the acknowledgement for the device IMEI from the server the device starting the record sending process.

After received all the data from the device, server should send the acknowledgement to the device.

In your case its not happening, So the device is thinking server didn't get the data.

Then device is cancelled its record sending procedure and will start it again with the same data.

Please find the above mentioned details below from your log

[2019.10.27 10:45:21]-[REC.SEND.1] Caller: 1139, queueing recsend1 task job type: 0/records

[2019.10.27 10:45:21]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0163] Server: 0, finished => check rec no

[2019.10.27 10:45:21]-[REC.SEND.1] check rec no

[2019.10.27 10:45:21]-[REC.GEN] Server: 0, not all min records send: 1/1

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[CODEC.APP] Rec found at 0x00000471, sort:1

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[CODEC.APP] 0x00000471 skipped, due to packing High prios

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[CODEC.APP] Rec found at 0x00000472, sort:1

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] Have enough records to send!

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0260] Server: 0, check rec no => check gprs

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] check gprs

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] gprs is open

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] gprs settings the same -> check link

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0300] Server: 0, check gprs => check link

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] check link

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] link is closed, try to open

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[REC.SEND.1] server response tmo cnt:44 of MAX 5

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0425] Target:0 Events Cleared

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0425] IP format x.y.z.q detected, resolving not needed

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] Target IP: (valid:1)

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0425] Socket target: 0, attempt: 1/3

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] Connecting to[email protected]

[2019.10.27 10:45:22]-[NETWORK] [SOCKET.OPEN.0425] Waiting for create conn result, waiting: 160 sec

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] connection established! acc id: 52, socket id: 1, evt sending: enabled

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] VR socket 0 open! real socket id: 1

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] link timeout reset for server: 0

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] launching link monitoring

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[SCH] Task eM2M_Tid_link_tmo_checking[11] has been scheduled. Period: 1s

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0485] Server: 0, check link => send imei

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] send imei

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] attempting to send data by VR socked id: 1, data len: 17

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] [SEND.DATA.0512] Waiting for socket send result, waiting: 10 sec

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] data send to socket: 1, successfull! evt sending: enabled, VR socket: 0

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] imei send OK, waiting 30 sec for imei answer

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] [IND] received data from socket!

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] notification, socket id: 1 has data which must be read!

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] VR socket 0, real socket id: 1, attempt automatic data reading for application

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK] attempting to read data from socked id (real): 1

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK.PARSER] Parsing data from 0 socket, data len: 1




[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[NETWORK.PARSER] imei answer received!

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] server accepted imei

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0519] Server: 0, send imei => send records

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.SEND.1] send records

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[REC.GEN] Server: 0, not all min records send: 1/1

[2019.10.27 10:45:23]-[CODEC.APP] Rec found at 0x00000471, sort:1

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[NETWORK] attempting to send data by VR socked id: 1, data len: 705

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[NETWORK] [SEND.DATA.0589] Waiting for socket send result, waiting: 10 sec

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[NETWORK] data send to socket: 1, successfull! evt sending: enabled, VR socket: 0

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[REC.SEND.1] records packed: 10, waiting 30 sec for answer

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[REC.SEND.1] link timeout reset for server: 0

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[MODEM.ACTION] GSM Update Reason:Periodic

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[ATCMD] <<AT+CPAS

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[ATCMD] >>[122] +CPAS: 0

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[MOD.TSK] SMS Read Map:0,0,0,0 Index:32

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[MODEM.ACTION] SMS Not Found

[2019.10.27 10:45:28]-[MODEM.ACTION] status done

[2019.10.27 10:45:35]-[OVERSPD] Scenario disabled!

[2019.10.27 10:45:35]-[SLEEP] Sleep:0, not allowed! Reason:Disabled by CFG

[2019.10.27 10:45:35]-[WD.FUNC] WARNING @ 172:counter:2 Cnt:4568 Limit:10800

[2019.10.27 10:45:37]-[REC.SEND.1] Mode: 0/Home on Stop. Time for next periodic data sending: 16 / 120

[2019.10.27 10:45:42]-[SYS.DIAG]

[2019.10.27 10:45:58]-[REC.SEND.1] WARNING @ 735:No server response to sent records [45], rec sending canceled

[2019.10.27 10:45:58]-[REC.SEND.1] [CHANGE.STATE.0736] Server: 0, send records => finish

[2019.10.27 10:45:58]-[REC.SEND.1] finish





Thank you for your analysis.

I just make a test with Hercules, the ACK is sent by the server, it is very strange.

Best regards