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Welcome i test FMB001 on 2019 kia Ceed,Rio,Optima cars. Generally works fine  but not all important and  basically parameters for me not read from  car. Of course to server and to bluetooth app . In config I enable neccessary parameters for me. Maybe it's some solution to force obd protocol or some thing like this.

An additional question: it's possible to acquire application on phone or PC to remotely configure FMB? Example app to composing SMS messages or via gprs (self hosted fota). Composing sms by hand it's not user friendly smiley

Please help me to resolve my problem to recive example fuel level and others obd info. 

Best regards.

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Hello BENIO,

Thank you for questions.

About OBD parameters: we recommend to check if your vehicle can send some parameters. How to do it you can find here:

About FMB configuration: in this situation we can recommend to use FOTA WEB. If you do not have account there, please contact with your Sales manager. If you will need information about how update configuration for multiple devices, you can find here:

Please let us know if you will have more questions.

Best wishes,

Teltonika Support



I send sms and recive obd answer:



But not this information useful for me. Still not recive fuel level info. Of course some parameters are OK. But fuel not. I thinking to buy can adapter but i not have 100% to recive this informations.

On presented aplication on PC i still dont know how to read obd from car. I must have adapter or some thng like this ? Please more details or FAQ.

About FOTA i told to my distributor and say me: "You must contact to TELTONIKA" :) Can You give some direction or generate acount on FOTA? Please send details.

Best regards. And i hope to resolve my problems and i have stable solition for my customers.