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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi, I'm using FMA120 and just want to know most accurate data acquisition settings to be able to see the object in real time. For example companys like taxify or wolt let the customer to track moving object in the real time on a map.  My current settings are "Vehicile Moving":
MIN Period: 10 sec
Min Distance: 100 m
Min Angle: 25
Min Speed delta: 10
Min Saved Records: 1
Send Period: 10

When My object is moving example towards bridge and I cross it object on a map still shows location before the bridge, and I got like delay. Reallity from object on a map is displayed with a delay. How to be able to get the real object moving location without any delay ?

Also, if my settings for Min Period 10 and Send Period 10, does it mean that if first parameter recorded a value but the same time second parameter did not get any value, it will be sent in next 10 sec ? can these two parameter be equal ? or Min period should be 10 while send period should be 5 or vise versa. Can you please provide couple examples for the best configuration ?

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Hello, DND,

Thank you for letting us know about your issue.

Time based data acquiring (Min. period) – records are being acquired every time when defined interval of time passes. Entering zero disables data acquisition depending on time.

Send period – GPRS data sending to server period. Module makes attempts to send collected data to server every defined period. If it does not have enough records (depends on parameter Min. Saved Records described above), it tries again after defined time interval.

“Send period” (Data Acquisition Mode settings) must be bigger value than “Sleep timeout” plus “Active Data Link Timeout” parameter.

Active Data Link Timeout  defines for how many seconds device will keep connection to the server after successful data transfer while waiting for a new record.

Those parameters can be equal but in your situation you will get data from server each 10 secs and your position will change every 10 secs. The minimal parameters value can be set by 1 sec. If you will set those parameters by 0 it will disable this parameter function.

For example your configuration could be:

MIN Period: 1 sec
Min Distance: 10 m
Min Angle: 10
Min Speed delta: 10
Min Saved Records: 1
Send Period: 1 sec

But don't forget to change Active Data Link Timeout less than Send period. And we want to warn you that will use a lot of data because you want to see it real time. 

More information can be found in:

Best Regards.

Best answer
by anonymous

"But don't forget to change Active Data Link Timeout less than Send period." - so if I will set Send Period: 1 sec , Active Data Link should be 1 or 0 ? (0 will not be possible I think). Also why I can't set data link timeout for example 5 or 10 does it will make device active (connected) to the server 5 or 10 seconds and if yes, then if my send period is 1 sec, so it will send data every 1 sec, and device will never disconnect from the server ? in other hand, it will work as online streaming without disconection ? 


This condition applies if you are using a sleep mode function. Otherwise if sleep mode is not enabled then you can set active data link timeout bigger, so it should to work without a disconnection.

Best Regards.