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FMB 900 - I nead help. i wont to my devices send me data evry 10 secnd when the vehicle is in the movment. Thank you

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Check your data acquisition mode.

There is vehicule moving mode.

change (min period & send period) parameters.

Whats is your device model ?

fmb 900

Yes i set min period and send period on fota web to be 10sec but nothing he send data 30sec and we nead to send 10sec

There is several modes : 

Home NetworkRoaming NetworkUnknown Network.

For each mode there is "Vehicle MOVING" parameters.

What is your current mode ? check it by SMS command : user pass readio 80. (maybe your operator is registred as Unknown Network instead of Home Network.

Are you sure parameters are updated using Fota web ? (I don't use FOTA).

Check by SMS commands Min Period and Send Period parameters please.

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Thank you for query.

You can configure data acquisition parameters in configurator. If you want device to send data every 10 seconds when moving, just set Send Period parameter to 10 seconds. Please note, that device will try to send data every 10 seconds, but if no record was generated, device has nothing to send. You can configure record generation by changing Min period, Min Distance, Min Angle and Min Speed parameters. If Min period parameter is set to 10 s, record will be generated every 10 seconds, as well as when vehicle exceeds Min Distance, Min Angle or Min Speed  thresholds.

If you need more information on data acquisition, you can find it here:

If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards