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Please help. I can not configure FMB920 (FW 03.17.00)/Configuration 3.13 to send SMS then DigInp1 goes from 0 to 1

When I connect +12V to Digital input - I see 1 in Value column but no SMS. (but I get SMS with coordinatates if I call to device)
Can this to be configured?  I tryed different settings - but no results...

or may be can I configure Call to get alert on Dig1 In (but I don't have handfree)?

2 Answers

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In order to get SMS message when Digital Input #1 goes from 0 to 1 at the I/O configuration window you should be setting up Digital Input #1 parameters as depicted in this link:

Priority level can be used either HIGH or PANIC. When High priority is selected, module makes additional record with high priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server by GPRS. Panic priority triggers same actions as high priority, but if GPRS fails, it sends AVL packet using SMS data sending mode if SMS data sending is enabled and data send number is written in SMS \ Call Settings.

Setting up Low and High level parameters to 1 while operand is set up "On Entrance" means that event will be triggered when Digital Input #1 goes from 0 to 1. 

To find more about events and operands enter the following link:

Hi! Thanks for the answer.  
Probably, due not clear translation in russian version of manual ("Номер телефона должен быть записан по международному стандарту, без использования знаков «+» или «00» впереди. ") , I set numbers without "+"  -> "380..." instead of "+380".

I'll check in the evening.

But one more question:
Will tracker send ordinary SMS to phone if GPRS is OK (I am going to use Orange GPS) and "Allow SMS sending"  is disabled?
Yes, it will. SMS events does not depent on GPRS data sending or SMS data sending. Both may be enabled or disabled, it doesn't matter. SMS event will still be sent.

Hi! Unfortunately set of phone numbers does not help (I tryed and numbers from +38 and in internal format)

With SMS commands tracker works normally - return state etc

Also I made investigation inside flat and tracker can not see the GPS

Hii Support team ,
Same case i test it and its working on FMB120 , but can we make the message to three numbers or List ?
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Hi again. Probably I found the root of the problem.

After set of Records Saving to Always I started to recive SMS smiley

Thanks for help !


Thank you very much for your contribution, it was very useful for mesmiley