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I've set up Fota Web for the first time yesterday and everything looked OK: my FMB204 was registered and I saw it had logged in after I powered it.

I then assigned a new configuration file to the device and thought it'd be updated during the night (I've left the Fota Web connect period setting to the default - 720 minutes / 12 hours).

However the device hasn't logged in for the past 18 hours and the configuration task is still spending. I've sent an SMS to the device with "  web_connect" from an authorized number, received an SMS resp:OK reply but 20 minutes later the device still hasn't logged in.

Any clue ? For some reason I can't use bluetooth on my laptop with Teltonika Configurator and I've installed the device in a hard to reach location so the only way I have to update the configuration (without sending costly SMSes) is through Fota Web.

Note: the device has the latest firmware (03.25.05.Rev00)

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Yes, I have the same problem few days ago

After my question I lowered the reconnection period to 30 minutes for tests and it then seemed to work (that said I witnessed up to 1h since last login despite the 30m period but at least it connected to fota web more often than before). I think I had disabled deep sleep when testing with the 30 minutes period. I've then set the sleep setting back to deep sleep and the fota web period to 2 hours, since then the device hasn't connected for the past 20 hours despite vehicle movement, ignition, sent SMSes, ...

Not sure if the sleep setting and/or longer period are the culprits. Maybe I don't understand how the device is supposed to connect to fota web, or there's a bug in the firmware, or there's a problem with the service itself (see this question).

[edit: I just realized you were the OP of the question I've linked to]

I have all devices with 30 min for UPDATE to FOTA and with no sleep mode.....but they doesn´t work for today.