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we set the FMB010 to GPS Sleep, to reduce the power consumption from the car battery, when the car is not moving.

When the car is parking a longer time, for example over the night and then start driving the other day, it takes around 20 till 60 seconds, till the device receive GPS Signal for a correct position. So there is a long line to the first fix when the car starts driving and the beginning of the route is not shown.

Is it possible, to set a time, that the GPS position will renew automatically every 1, 2 or 3 hours when the car is parking?

Because then, for the device it is easier and faster to get a GPS fix, when the car starts for a new drive.


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According module GNSS specifications FMB0 warm start is <25s / cold start is <35s, so it might be that it would take some time for device to receive GPS Signal for a correct position. Also, some additional factors influence time when device get fix - the place where it is mounted (try to use OBD extencion cords to put device as close to the window as possible), make sure that in this vehicle windows are not tinted (try to use the device in different vehicle - would the issue repeat?), make sure that nothing metal is not covering the device, so that is could see clear sky.
Currently there is no such feature that would allow device to renew GPS position automatically at the set time period. FMB0 device exits GPS sleep mode if one of following conditions are true:
1) Movement by movement source or movement sensor is detected;
2) Ignition (configured Ignition Source) is turned on
So, please, try to set Movement Source --> Accelerometer and Ignition Source --> Power Voltage (with configured voltage range suitable for Your vehicle) and Din1. Also, please, make sure that You are using latest base FW version, as we constantly improving operation of our devices. To get latest base FW version, please, contact Your FMB0 device provider.
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