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We are using a FM6300, we are trying to get the device to connect to the FLOW network in Jamaica. After careful assesment by the FLOW enginers, it has been determined that even when we program the correct APN in the device, it is passing a blank field to the network when trying to connect and hence the network is not allowing it to connect. We have defaulted the device and reloaded the firmware, reprogrammed  unit, same problem.

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Thank you for your question,

Can you make sure that your device has GPRS connection ?

You can check this by using SMS command:


More information on SMS/GPRS command can be found in our wiki:

In the response GPRS status should be: 1, while data is being sent Data Link: 1.

If the GPRS status is: 0, please check information on APN with your operator and make sure that GPRS is enabled for the SIM card.