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I have buy 5 new teltonika FMB202 and i face a problem with answer from device.

When i send a 'getgps' command or 'ggps' command, device return answer with an old position (every time sms have same wrong  long&lat but time is correct). Configurator and bluetooth app shows the correct position.

I reset everything and try many settings.

I make a firmware update from to but the problem still exists.

My big problem is that i can't check the rest 4 device because is on client and not moving for now.

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Configurator/BT app - show momentuous GPS data.

While ggps/getgps - show gps data which is used @ records saving. Past gps fix and static navigation functionalities.

Thats why there's a difference. Basically device most likely has static navigation mode ON. Thus gps coordinates are filtered out - ie dont change.

Best answer

Thank you very much.

You are correct.The reason was my settings:

  • Static navigation  - ON.
  • Static Navigation - Movement Source 
  • Movement Source - Ignition (that i dont use it)
I turn OFF static navigation and works fine! 

thank you again