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I need some help here...
i want to instal to my fmbs120 units:
1) two temp sensors and
2) one current transformer sensor

1) i want please to tell me what kind of temp sensors do i need?  (a) 2wire OR  b) 3wire
a) 2 wire ?

or b) 3 wire ?

And i please want you to tell my the wiring to the type of the sensor that i need, 
( in which inputs of the fmbs socket )


2) i want to have AC current mesuaraments by a "current transformer" sensor, this sensor have 2 wires: 

Where do i have to connect this wires please?

Thanks In Advance


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Thank you for your question.

For temperature sensors we would recommend 3 wire sensor.  (Your b choice)

For connection you would need to use 1WIRE Power, 1WIRE Data and "Ground" (FMB sockets/wires)

Usually RED wire is for Power, BLACK for ground and the one that left is Data. But to be sure please read the manuals of your sensor. 

For your "Current transformer" sensor, you should connect it to Power supply(+) and Negative source (ground)

But once more, for that please make sure by reading your sensor manuals/instructions.

Best regards