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A customer of ours has a question about the FM36M1:


Can you tell me whether this tracker has motion detection?

If the vehicle is parked and there is a collision or if I can get a message?

And if it concerns a motor, when it is set upright from the side can i get a massage?

And if there is a powercut alarm on it, if the power cable is interrupted, a message is made?

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FM36M1 has internal accelerometer which can help to detect a movement and can send an SMS and event through GPRS. You can read about I/O elements and SMS events here:

With the same I/O elements You can configure, that device would send SMS if External Voltage is bellow Your configured value. So if the power supply will be interrupted, device would be able to send and SMS command and event through GPRS to server. However, In that case internal battery must be connected to the device.

As for the motor position change, for now it's not possible to detect it with FM36M1, but maybe You could describe this scenario a more clearly?