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I have ordered two devices (TMT250 and FMB120). I am thinking about the way to extract informations of recieved data.

In order to do this, I am using "Teltonika Parser" and its source code.

My goal is to create a program which will be able to accept at least this two devices.
Will it be complicated to put in place? Are there differences between data sent by the two devices ?

Thanks for your help,



je viens de commander une balise TMT250 et FMB120. Je suis en train de réfléchir sur la façon dont je vais pouvoir extraire les informations des trames reçues.

Pour cela, je m'inspire du programme "Teltonika Parser" et de son code source.
Il semble exister un programme différent pour les balises FMB1xx et TMT250.

Mon but est de créer un programme qui prenne en charge AU MOINS ces deux balises.
Est-ce que ce sera compliqué à mettre en place ? Y aura t-il des différences notables entre les trames envoyées par les deux balises ?

Merci pour votre aide,


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by anonymous

Will it be complicated to put in place?

No if you know some basic programming. Any FMB family device (excluding FMB64/FM64) - use such codecs for data sending:

  • [Codec 8] (for records sending, 1B per avl_id)

  • [Codec 8 Extended] (for records sending, 2B per avl_id)

  • [Codec 12] (for commands communication FM <-> server)

  • [Codec 13] (for sending buffered RS232/RS485 packets when captured by modes: tcp ascii buffered, tcp binary bufered)

Are there differences between data sent by the two devices ?

Answer: How sent - no. What is/can be sent - yes.

[] This is the general information for all avl_id (IO ID's) -> for various different devices.

From this you can notice - that FMB120 / TMT250 - have many overlapping (the same IO's) - but some are different and specific only for FMB120 for example:

For example Ignition IO -> FMB120 has it, but TMT250 - doesnt.

And vice versa:

116    Charger Connected
236    Alarm
310    Movement Event

These IO elements - are exclusive for TMT250/GH52 (handheld devices) and other FMB family devices do not have these IO's.

Small note: there is error on [] -> From certain base FW version (03.15.00) -> battery level % IO -> is global for all FMB familty devices which have battery and is no longer exclusive for TMT250/GH52 (handheld) devices only.

That's in general how this goes.


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Hello !

Thanks you for this very complete answer !

All is clear now.

Best regards.

See you soon !