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when I ping a FMB920 to send a GPRS command runs out of time, IP is the same but the port change every time that I receive a data pack, How can I send GPRS commands and keep always the same IP and Port on the tracker?

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by anonymous

FMB device is not supposed to keep local port the same.

There is no point in keeping it the same.

FMB device on connection to server -> always reports it IMEI -> thats how server identifies specific devices.

So from server side - there should be no difference at all on what IP/port combination device connects to server.

To keep data link open for long periods of time:
GPRS -> open link timeout
GPRS -> response timeout
GPRS -> network ping timeout

Data Link Timeout is used to set termination timeout for link between FMB130 and AVL application. If FMB130 has already sent all records it waits for the new records before closing the link (except for Deep Sleep mode, for more information refer to Deep Sleep mode). If new records are generated during the period of this timeout and minimum count to send is reached, the records are sent to AVL application. This option is useful when GSM operator charges for link activation.
Server Response Timeout is used to set a period of time waiting for the response from server side.

network ping timeout:
If link activity is idle for configured Network Ping Timeout (no bytes are sent from device), FMBXXX will automatically send 0xFF byte to server.
•    This functionality works only for Record and Backup Servers.
•    Network Ping Timeout should be always lower than Open Link Timeout.
Network Ping Timeout = 0; means functionality is disabled.


Thanks for your response;

I'm receiving data and sending data to the GPS device, I have clear about server IP and PORT, how will be the right way to send GPRS commands from the server to the device, (commands, configurations, etc)

I was reading about the CODEC 12. I'm looking for it on the internet to download it but I can not find it anywhere

I will appreciate your help, Thanks.
by anonymous
google -> "teltonika wiki codec12"

1st result: