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Trying to set fmb920 to record position every 30 seconds and upload data to the server every 10 minutes. I would also like to keep the connection to the server open for the whole time without sending data till it reaches the ten minute point.

I have used this below but it sends date before the ten minute point.

setparam 10050:30;10150:30;10250:30;10051:0;10151:0;10250:0;10052:0;10152:0;10252:0;10054:5;10154:5;10254:5;10055:600;10155:600;10255:600;1000:600;1003:60

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It is not really possible to configure the device to behave exactly as you described. That is because Teltonika devices send records to server immediately upon generation if a link with the server is already open.

The only way to ensure that the device only sends data every 10 minutes is to make it connect to the server every 10 minutes. However, this is also not really possible with min period of 30 seconds or lower, since minimal open link timeout is 30 seconds, which means that a new record will always be generated before the link is closed and the timer will be reset again, keeping the link open and sending the records as soon as they are created.

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