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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

Hi. I have FMB001 device with firmware v03.25.05. I have my own Traccar data server.

My usual traffic is ~270 kB per day. But one random day data usage suddenly increases, and device transfers 10-20 times larger amount (2-9 megabytes!). I can see this data in my daily SIM card provider report, but it's not clear, if its upload or download. It happens approximately every 2-3 months:

date daily bytes
2021-12-21 2344176
2022-11-14 1735803
2022-11-16 2386903
2023-04-17 8929940
2023-04-23 2613527
2023-06-06 6815744

During those days, I don't see any additional incoming traffic on data server. Nothing extraordinary happens on vehicle (alarms etc.), sometimes it's even standing still for a week.

In device I have turned off FOTA, and I don't use any of the advanced functions as crash detection, idling, speeding etc.

It seems as if the device randomly connects somewhere to internet and downloads something large.

It's a big problem for me, because this traffic suddenly consumes all money on the card, and device goes offline.

Please help. If needed, I'm able to do advanced debugging: reading device SD card logs, capturing traffic on data server and so on.

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