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Have been testing firmware update V00.03.21 - FMB640 and

iButton list seems to be removed from the configurator menu (the device still recognizes keys programmed with the previous configurator software).

 The overspeed function in manual geofence zones only work with the rectangle shape and not with circle.

I can’t get the new function “Custom scenarios” to work. Would like to use it with iButton, so that an output can be triggered with a preprogrammed key. Have tested with the iButton notification function and it’s ok.
Another source input we would like added is manual geofence zones, so that it’s possible to activate an output when the tracker is inside any configured geofence zones.

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for your feedback.

According to the iButton list, new configurator is released with applied fix. You can download it from Teltonika Wiki page here

Regarding the overspeed function in manual geofence zones it must work in both shapes. Please contact your Teltonika sales manager for further investigation of this problem.

You can select iButton read notification on device features to activate DOUT when iButton is readed. Please disable this feature when configuring the Custom Scenario for iButton.
To add additional input source like manual geofence zone, special FW needs to be developed. If this functionality is needed please contact your Teltonika sales manager for further information.
If you will have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Have a nice day.