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Hi All,

We are in a progress of a tender of Dashcam in Oil and Gas company, the target vehicle are: Tank Truck and Passenger Car.

We will use Dashcam from Howen - Hero-ME40-02 (3 Cameras: ADAS, DMS and Cabin), since we need an ECU functionalities, we decided to mix the solution with Teltonika but we are not sure what model should we use.

We will use Wialon as the platform and will use Wialon Retranslator feature to combine the data into 1 unit.

the Teltonika device must have the ability to read ECU such as: VIN, Fuel Level, Odometer, etc and we will implement some sensors like:

- Doors sensor

- Nozzle sensor

- Tank fuel sensors

- Heat thermal sensor (this would be implement in the tank (a tank might be partitioned into 3 parts for each fuel type), and also to monitor the heat of the drum brake)

We will also implement the Remote Cut Engine (SECO) feature in this project for some vehicles.

What Teltonika model should we use? how many I/O port do we need to fulfill the above sensors?

I see there are FMC130 and FMC640, but I don't know the different, and not sure which one the best suitable for this, or perhaps someone here can recommend me the alternate model?

and I would also be very appreciated if someone here can also give me brand recommendation about those sensors.

need advice.

thank you so much in advance.

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Thanks for the information. It really helped me! vampire survivors